Antarctica Cruises

If you head north to explore the Arctic Circle then you can look forward to a special cruise experience, and the same is very much true should you decide to head south to spend time exploring Antarctica.

In fact, given how remote Antarctica is, it’s no exaggeration to say that a cruise here will be totally different to anything else you could possibly enjoy whilst at sea.

Most cruises to Antarctica will start in South America, with the city of Ushuaia in Argentina acting as the gateway to the region.

Given how cold it gets, the cruise season is limited to the Antarctic summer, with travel available from October through to March.

During the summer months, the expedition type vessels that are most commonly used in the area are able to navigate through the ice fields that litter the region, whereas in winter, that simply wouldn’t be possible.

Don’t expect to spend your time visiting a number of different towns or villages during a cruise around Antarctica for the simple reason that there aren’t any, with the only residents of the region being those who are based at various scientific bases.

Instead, you’ll spend your time embracing the remoteness of the icy landscapes around you, where the only regular signs of life you will encounter are the many penguins that call the icy landscapes home.

A cruise to Antarctica really is a journey of discovery and ideal for those who want more of a sense of adventure from their time at sea.

You’ll head for areas where few have gone before and enjoy a rare opportunity to marvel at an area of the world where natural beauty knows no bounds having been largely untouched by the impact of man.

That’s not to say you’ll spend all your time on your ship, with special landing sites where you’ll head ashore on small tender vessels in groups to get fully embrace the Antarctic experience.

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