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One of the main reasons why a cruise is such a good way to see Brazil is that there is the opportunity to travel along the coastline before heading inland along the famous Amazon River to explore life deep inside the jungle.

Amongst the ports that you are likely to visit such a cruise is Belém, which acts as a gateway to the Amazon River and is the largest city in the state of Pará.

Founded by the Portuguese in the 1600s, Belém is now very much a modern Brazilian city but features plenty of colonial charm that is a reflection of the way in which it has developed through the ages – from a city reliant on the sugar trade to one that acted as the main place for exporting rubber from the Amazon.

The influence of the Portuguese can be seen across the city, with many old colonial buildings that are similar to those found in Lisbon, particularly in the Cidade Velha district.

Here, you can wander through the narrow streets and take in the stunning architecture to be found at every turn where, which include the old fort that was built to help with the defence of the region.

Other buildings that are worth visiting within the city are the imposing Cathedral da Sé and the historical Santo Alexandre church, as well as the Teatro da Paz; a classical theatre that first opened in the 1870s.

Given Belém’s position within Brazil, it should come as little surprise that there are plenty of nature based attractions both within the city and nearby, including a biopark zoo and botanical gardens.

When it comes to dining in Belém, freshwater crab is one of the most popular dishes you can expect to sample, and there are plenty of places where you can enjoy some Amazonian cuisine around the Estação das Docas on the riverfront.

There are also plenty of opportunities to do some shopping whilst ashore, with the huge Mercado Ver-o-Peso market housing more than 2,000 stalls selling all manner of goods.

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