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As well as being the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is one of the most visited cities in South America and a large number of those visitors arrive on the many cruise ships that visit every year.

Whilst there is a lot of Spanish influence on the city, it is often referred to as the ‘Paris of the South’ – with the city taking its cue from the French capital when it underwent a boom in the 19th century.

In modern-day Buenos Aires, the influence of the Spanish, French and the Italian can be seen in the historic architecture found across the 48 barrios that make up the city which has helped to make the city one of the most cosmopolitan on the continent.

Buenos Aires was built around a central plaza, which is the area now known as the Plaza de Mayo in the barrio of Monserrat. Around this plaza, you can find many of the most famous landmarks in the city, which include the City Hall, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Buenos Aires Cabildo, the May Pyramid and the Casa Rosada – the presidential mansion that has played an important role in the political life of the capital.

These historic structures stand in stark contrast to the modern day tower blocks that can be found nearby, showing how Buenos Aires has become very much a city of contrasts.

Elsewhere in the city, the Recoleta district is one of the most popular destinations for visitors who flock to the cemetery to see the crypt of Eva Perón. A former First Lady of Argentina, Perón became even more famous when she was the subject of the hit musical and film Evita.

Anyone with a desire to embrace the culture of the city will enjoy a visit to the Colon Theatre, which is widely regarded as one of the most important opera houses in the world and dates back to the early 1900s.

Having undergone extensive renovation work in recent years, the theatre is home to a number of shows throughout the year, which are well worth a visit should your time in the city allow.

If not, you can always spend some time instead visiting on the many cafes and ballrooms across the city where performances of the tango – the sultry dance that was born in Buenos Aires – are a regular feature.

There’s also a good chance that you’ll be able to watch some street performers in action as you wander through the streets, with the areas around La Boca and San Telmo being some of the best in which to catch these performers in action.

It only serves to enhance the whole experience that comes from spending time in one of the most fascinating cities in South America, and one where you are sure to enjoy your time ashore.

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