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Cartagena is arguably one of the most impressive colonial cities to be found anywhere in South America and is the main port of call for those who find themselves on a trip that visits Colombia.

Dating back to the 15oos, the city is best known for a large number of historical buildings that date all the way back to the time when the city was established by the Spanish – hence it sharing its name with a city on the Mediterranean coast.

Without doubt, it is the history of Cartagena that is the main draw for tourists, particularly within the walls of the original fortified city.

Cartagena’s Old Town has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is deemed to be one of the most extensive fortifications on the continent and has significant historical importance.

With the city walls, you’ll be able to marvel at impressive colonial architecture at every turn, with the network of winding streets being home to colourful buildings that now house everything from bars and restaurants to boutique stores.

Other sites that are well worth visiting within the city include the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, which looks out across the city and was used to help protect the city from attack from pirates.

Expanded over time, the castle is part of the World Heritage Site and well worth a visit to explore not only what is visible on the surface but also the network of tunnels that runs beneath the ground.

The baroque Palace of the Inquisition is widely regarded as one of the most impressive colonial buildings in the city and now houses a museum that showcases a wide range of historical artefacts from through the ages.

The Gold Museum and the Cathedral can also be found around the Plaza de Bolivar and are well worth exploring during your time ashore, with the Cathedral having been attacked by Francis Drake whilst it was in build before being completed in the early 1600s.

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