Cienfuegos Cruises

Cienfuegos sits on the southern coast of Cuba and is well visited by the large cruise lines that are sailing around the Caribbean.

Once a major port for trade during colonial times, the influence of the Spanish is clear to see across the city, with the historic centre having been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2005.

That is largely down to influence that the Spanish have had on the area, both in terms of the architecture, and the way in the way in which the heart of the city has been designed and laid out.

A number of historical landmarks are found within the centre of the city, which include Fort Jagua – built by the Spanish to protect Cienfuegos from pirates – and the cathedral that was also built during the time of Spanish rule.

There’s also a Botanical Garden where you can take a stroll away from the city streets.

As in Havana, there are plenty of opportunities during a trip to Cienfuegos to sample some traditional Cuban rum or to see how world famous Cuban cigars are created by hand.

Around the main promenade, there is no shortage of shops and restaurants where you can pick up souvenirs or grab a bite to eat during your time ashore.

Ships only tend to spend a limited amount of time in Cienfuegos before continuing on their voyage, so some forward planning about what you want to see and do is advised.

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