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Coquimbo is located in the Elqui province and sits between the Atacama Desert and the central valley – an area that is rich in agriculture and plays a role in the export of fruit.

That’s in stark contrast to the past, when the port was used in both the gold and copper industries, attracting settlers from the likes of Britain and the United States who would build a selection of elaborate wooden buildings that can still be seen to this day.

Very much still a working port city, thanks in no small part to the fact it sits on the Pan American Highway, Coquimbo is becoming more popular with tourists – as can be seen by the increasing number of bars and nightclubs that are appearing.

In particular, the English quarter of the town is an area that comes alive on an evening, with the chance to listen to South American music and to try your hand at local dancing.

Head for the areas around the port and there are plenty of places where you can sample some fresh seafood, all washed down with a refreshing drink created from the grapes grown in the nearby Elqui Valley.

Within that valley, you can visit some of the vineyards or take a hike along one of the various trails that have long been popular with visitors to the area.

A cruise to Coquimbo opens up the opportunity to also visit nearby La Serena, which is a popular tourist destination.

Here, you enjoy spending your time exploring the impressive colonial buildings and the towering 19th century cathedral, whilst a visit to La Recova – the main artisan market – will allow you to pick up some handmade souvenirs to take back home.

A visit to La Serena’s archaeological museum is also a must if you want to look back at some South American history, with more than 10,000 pieces being part of the museums vast collection of artefacts.

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