Costa Maya Cruises

It might not provide the most authentic experience of Mexico, but Costa Maya is a popular destination with cruise lines that are sailing along the Caribbean coast.

The reason why the resort is so popular is that it was developed firmly for the cruise industry, with the port having originally opened in 2001 before being rebuilt in 2007 after undergoing extensive damage during Hurricane Dean.

From the moment you head ashore, there are plenty of facilities that are available to make use of, with plenty of bars, restaurants and shops.

Head for the area around Uvero Beach and you’ll be able to lie back and relax in the sun on a lovely stretch of sand, take a dip in the refreshing blue waters or sample a range of different sports-based activities.

These could including everything from beach volleyball to kayaking, whilst the waters off the coast are ideal for both snorkeling and diving - where you can expect to see a range of different marine species around the nearby coral reefs.

Costa Maya isn’t just about the new facilities that have been built for the cruise industry however, with number of Mayan sites being easily accessible from the coast.

A number of cruise lines operate trips that provide the chance to embrace Mayan culture, which could include meeting up with a local family to see how they live.

The ruins at Chacchoben and Kohunlich date back as far as the fourth century and can be found surrounded by lush jungle landscapes, with the opportunity to explore imposing old pyramids and ancient hieroglyphics. Stunning old temples are a major draw of Dzibanche, which is less well known but just as impressive.

Just along the coast from Costa Maya, the nearby town of Mahahual – which has also undergone redevelopment work – has more bars and restaurants where you relax during your time ashore.

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