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Galle is located towards the southern end of Sri Lanka and is well visited by a number of cruise lines that are sailing around the Far East and Asia.

Once the main port on the island, Galle is one of the best places in Sri Lanka to explore the colonial history of the country, with plenty of buildings that can used to be showcase the times when the Portuguese and the Dutch held control.

Perhaps the best example of that comes at Galle Fort, which was built originally by the Portguese to help defend the city against attack.

When under Dutch rule, the fort then underwent extensive work with the addition of various fortifications, with the structure now recognised – along with the Old Town area – as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Spend time exploring the Old Town and the fort, and you’ll be able to take in views across the surrounding city from the top of the walls or pay a visit to Flag Galle – the point at the end of the fort where warnings would have been sent to ships that got too close to shore.

These days, you are more likely to see daredevils diving into the water below, whilst on an evening, it’s a great place to view the sunset if you have a late departure on your ship.

Elsewhere you might want to visit the Galle Clock Tower or Lighthouse, with the Dutch Reformed Church, All Saints’ Church and the Old Dutch Hospital – which is now used as shopping and dining precinct.

That’s one of just a number of places where you can grab a bite to eat or enjoy some shopping whilst ashore, with the Dutch market also worth a visit if you are searching for a bargain.

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