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It isn’t easy to find the words to describe Havana, but the Cuban capital is one city you’ll certainly want to pay a visit whilst you are enjoying a cruise around the Caribbean.

For many years, a trade embargo with the United States meant that Havana was a city where time stood still and although relations have now improved, those who head ashore will still be greeted by a unique charm and the chance to explore history and culture aplenty.

Take a stroll through the streets to marvel and you’ll be able to marvel at the stunning architecture at every turn, particularly in the area round Habana Vieja – or Old Havana.

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the historic centre of the capital is home to a number of famous old buildings, which include the Castillo del Morro and the Catedral de San Cristóbal; both of which are popular sites for those visiting the city to explore.

You might also take a trip to what was once the Presidential Palace to explore the Museum of the Revolution, which is based largely around the war that took place in Cuba during the 1950s that lead to Fidel Castro taking control, or stroll along the promenade of El Malecón, which hugs the seawall for more than 8km towards the Almendares River.

Whilst travelling around the Old Town you can expect to see plenty of classic American cars that are still commonplace in the city whilst Havana is famous around the world for both cigars and rum.

You might visit one of the many factories where traditional cigars are still created to this day, whilst a trip to one of the various rum museums will allow you to not only see how the drink is produced, but also enjoy a sample.

There are countless other museums across Havana that cover all manner of topics from history and archeology, to sport and the performing arts. The National Theatre of Cuba one of a number of theatres within the city where you can catch a show, whilst Havana is known for the many festivals that take place on an annual basis.

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