Helsinki Cruises

The capital city of Finland, Helsinki is one of the more popular cruise destinations in Northern Europe.

Situated to the south of the country, Helsinki dates back to the 1500s and is rich in history and culture - as can be seen in some of the most famous attractions that can be visited whilst ashore on a cruise adventure.

The imposing Cathedral, which dates back to the mid–1800s, is the landmark building in the city and welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

It’s one of a number of religious sites that you might want to check out, with another being the Temppeliaukio Church.

Opened in the late 1960s, the church was built directly into solid rock, which has resulted in it becoming known throughout the world as the Church of the Rock.

As with a number of the major cities across Northern Europe, Helsinki is home to a range of museums and galleries, a number of which are dedicated to the arts.

You can also find the National Museum of Finland and the Museum of Natural History within the city, as well as the National Library – which is one of a number of buildings located together that were designed by Carl Ludvig Engel; a famous architect who had a major impact on the design of buildings in Finland during the early part of the 19th century.

Across the city, there is plenty of open space where you can take a stroll away from the busy streets, with the islands of Suomenlinna just outside Helsinki also being home to various walking trails.

The UNESCO World Heritage site is a sea fortress that dates backt o the 1700s and is something of a town within a town, with a number of permanent residents and a range of shops of restaurants.

Whilst ashore in Helsinki, you’d also be well advised to check out some traditional Finnish cuisine, with sausages and fish being particularly popular.

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