Ilha Grande Cruises

A cruise around Brazil needn’t focus solely on the mainland, and Ilha Grande is a prime example of the reasons why.

Once an island you’d want to avoid - as home to a leper colony and then an infamous prison used to house some of the most dangerous criminals from the mainland - Ilha Grande has become a top class destination for tourists following the decision to close the prison back in 1994.

Located off the coast of Rio de Janiero state, it’s the perfect place for anyone who wants to head off the beaten track in order to explore and get closer to nature, and is in stark contrast the busy ports that you will encounter elsewhere on your trip.

The major selling point of the island is that it remains largely undeveloped, with stringent restrictions having been put in place and a ban on motor vehicles. That means your time on the island can be spent simply enjoying impressive landscapes that have been unspoiled by human hands, with natural beauty awaiting visitors at every turn.

Whilst ashore, you could take a hike into verdant rain forests, passing by impressive waterfalls as you explore the near 100 miles of trails that connect the various villages that are located across the island.

These trails also link the different beaches that surround the island, where you can either relax and take in the sun or try and spot the marine wildlife that is found in the waters around the coastline, which can include dolphins and turtles.

Whilst Ilha Grande is all about relaxation and getting away from the busier cities you are likely to encounter elsewhere on your Brazilian trip, you’ll still be able to do some traditional dining during your time ashore.

That’s because the village of Vila do Abraão – which is the de-facto capital and the place where you’ll head onto the island – is home to a handful of bars and restaurants, as well as a small selection of shops.

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