Kuala Lumpur Cruises

The Far East is packed with vibrant cities that you can explore whilst on a cruise holiday and Kuala Lumpur is a prime example.

The Malaysian capital has changed beyond all recognition through the years having grown from a small settlement at the points where the Gombak River and Klang River meet into the bustling and busy city that exists today.

Whilst modern-day Kuala Lumpur is known for huge tower blocks and has become the commercial centre of Malaysia, there are still plenty of opportunities to see the more historical side of the city, which features an eclectic mix of different cultures.

A visit to the National Museum, which is located near to the Lake Gardens, is the ideal way in which to learn more about Malaysian history and culture whilst the Royal Museum – once the official residence of the Supreme King of Malaysia – is also well worth a visit.

Merdeka Square, the place where the Malayan flag was hoisted in the city for the first time to signal independence, is surrounded by a number of buildings of important historical interest which include the Royal Selangor Club; a place where high ranking Brits would visit back in the late 1800s.

The Masjid Negara mosque, the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple and the Jamek Mosque are three of the key religious sites that you might visit within Kuala Lumpur, whilst a trip outside the city limits opens up the opportunity to journey to the Batu Caves; a sacred Hindu complex created – as the name would suggest – inside a cave.

Should you want to visit some of the more modern delights of Kuala Lumpur then the Petronas Towers are arguably the most iconic structure of the city, reaching more than 1,400 feet into the air and featuring a Skybridge that connects the two and which offers stunning views across the city.

You could also visit the observation deck on the 86th floor, or visit the similar deck on the Kuala Lumpur Tower, where you’ll also find a revolving restaurant and a selection of shops.

Visit the Central Market if you want to try and pick up a bargain, there are plenty of places where you can sample some top class Malaysian cuisine – particularly in the area of the city known as the ‘Golden Triangle’.

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