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You can’t really book a cruise around the Caribbean and not pay a visit to Jamaica; an island that encapsulates everything that the region is all about.

There is no shortage of things to see and do during your time ashore, with the resort of Montego Bay to the north being one of the most popular with the major cruise lines who are sailing around the area.

The second largest city in Jamaica after the capital Kingston, Montego Bay is one of the premier tourist destinations in the Caribbean, with people drawn in by the many beaches that line the surrounding coastline.

These include Doctor’s Cave, which is one of the top stretches of beach anywhere on the island. Here, white sand sits alongside crystal-clear turquoise waters where you can take a refreshing dip whilst there are reefs nearby for those who want to try their hand at diving, with plenty of marine life to be found below the surface.

MoBay, as it is known locally, is about more than simply relaxing on the beach however, with the resort being home to a large shopping district where you can seek out bargains whilst ashore. That’s because Montego Bay offers duty free shopping, with the chance to seek out all manner of bargains you can take back home.

You could also visit the local markets in search of hand-made souvenirs – with plenty of opportunities to barter for the best possible prices.

Within the resort, you could spent time exploring some of the local museums with the Montego Bay Cultural Centre being well worth a visit in the heart of Sam Sharpe Square. You could also visit some of the many historic houses that are found across the city.

Head outside Montego Bay into the surrounding area and you can visit the resort of Negril to embrace the laid back lifestyle – with Seven Mile Beach being a great place to relax whilst enjoying some traditional Jamaican hospitality, including locally sourced food and drink.

You could also head for the stunning Dunn’s River Falls or book a trip that will allow you to try any number of outdoor activities – ranging from white water rafting to kayaking, and from horse riding to bobsledding.

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