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The largest city in Uruguay, the capital Montevideo is also the major port of call for those who are visiting the country during a South American cruise adventure.

As is the case with many of the large cities across the continent, Montevideo is rich in culture and history dating back to colonial times - when it was founded by the Spanish.

The beating heart of the city is centred around its oldest district, the Ciudad Vieja.

The old town is the place to go if you want to visit some of the most famous historical sites, many of which are located around the Plaza Independencia on the edge of the district.

The most important plaza in the city, it is home to one of the few remaining sections of the original city walls as well as the monument dedicated to national hero José Artigas; which sits atop his mausoleum.

Around the plaza you’ll also find the Estévez Palace, the iconic Palacio Salvo and the culturally important Solís Theatre; which dates back to the 1850s and has undergone extensive renovation work.

Off the plaza, there is access to Avenida 18 de Julio, which is one of the most important streets in the city.

As well as being home to various shops and bars, it is also where you’ll find more of the historical sites, such as the Church of Our Lady of the Mount Carmel and Uruguay’s oldest university.

Museums focused on history and the arts are commonplace whilst there are a number of public parks where you can take a relaxing stroll away from the bustling city streets. Parque Prado and Parque Batlle are just two such options.

Should there be a desire to do some shopping away from the major stores, then the Port Market is a great place in which to grab some souvenirs to take back home whilst there are also plenty of options when it comes to dining – with the market area being the best place to sample some traditional Uruguayan fare.

That cuisine can be washed down with top quality wine produced in the nearby vineyards, which you might decide to visit if your time ashore allows.

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