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Natal is located to the north-east of Brazil and is one of the most historical ports of call that can be visited when enjoying a cruise around South America.

Another city founded by the Portuguese in the late 1500s, Natal is a great place to visit if you want to explore some of the best colonial architecture to be found anywhere in the Brazil.

Of particular note is the Forte dos Reis Magos, or the Fortress of the Three Wise Men, which is the oldest historical building and was built was the city was founded to serve as a lookout for those protecting Natal from attack.

It’s far from the only old building worth exploring however, with the Alberto Maranhão Theatre and Santo Antonio Church just two of the historical structures that you may consider visiting. There are also a wide range of museums that cover all manner of different topics, and a popular aquarium.

Natal isn’t all about colonial history however, and is just as well known for the many spectacular beaches that are to found within easy reach of the city.

Various towering dunes are ready and waiting to be explored, with a number of companies operating trips by buggy that have proven to be an experience in themselves.

The most famous dune - Morro do Careca – has long been a symbol of the city, although it can no longer be climbed by tourists in a bid to prevent damage.

You could also take a walk along the many trails within the Natal Dunes State Park, or grab a picture alongside the world’s largest cashew tree – the Maior cajueiro do mundo.

Having grown outwards rather than up, the tree now spreads across a space of around two acres and is recognised in the Guiness Book of World Records.

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