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Pisco is located around 150 miles south of Lima and is another popular port of call on a cruise in the waters around Peru.

Accessed via the port of San Martin, the quiet colonial town is the place to go if you want to get closer to nature, with a number of national reserves being located nearby.

The Paracas National Reserve in particular is somewhere to visit to explore the varied range of flora and fauna that can be found on both land and in the water.

Off the coast, you might be lucky enough to spot whales, dolphins and sea lions playing in the water whilst anyone with an interest in ornithology will love the opportunity to examine one of the highest concentrations of marine birds anywhere in the world.

It’s not all about the wildlife either, with impressive stretches of beach and a number of archaeological sites that show off the Paracas culture.

The small islands of Isla Ballestas off the coast are also worth investigating if you want to examine the wildlife, with a trip around the rugged shores offering the chance to marvel at more examples of the local marine life.

Other sites that are often explored whilst on a stop in Pisco include the Inca remains at the Tambo Colorado complex or the unique sight of the Nazca Lines – a vast are of important archaeological interest featuring geoglyphs scraped into the Nazca Desert that date back thousands of years.

Within Pisco itself you can spend some time walking around the stalls that line the main square or visit the statue of the general José de San Martín, who played a role in the struggle for impendence from the Spanish empire.

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