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Puerto Montt is the gateway to the impressive Chilean Lake District and as a result, has become a popular stopping point for cruise-goers who are exploring the waters around South America.

Formed in the 1850s by German colonists, the town has something of a European feel to it and has long been an important trading port on the coast, particularly during the boom of the salmon farming industry on Chilean soil.

Those who want to spend their time ashore exploring the port itself will have ample opportunity to discovery more about the history of Puerto Montt at the local museum whilst a stroll around the town will allow you to take in sites like the old cathedral and the bustling market.

Here, there are all manner of goods available to purchase, many of which will have been handmade in the surrounding area.

Many people who book a trip that visits Puerto Montt will be doing so to explore further afield however, with the surrounding forests, mountain peaks, fjords and lakes being hugely appealing.

The snow-capped peaks of the Osorno Volcano are one of the most popular landmarks and are found near the small and picturesque town of Puerto Varas, which is known as the ‘City of Roses’ for the stunning array of flowers than line the streets.

Given the impressive landscapes, outdoor activities have a large part to a play on a trip to Puerto Montt, with hiking, rafting and horseback riding just three of the things you might want to try your hand at.

Fishing is another option you might want to consider which comes as no surprise given how fishing has been such a key industry through the years.

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