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Punta Cana is one of the top beach destinations in the Caribbean and is found on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic.

It’s a popular port of call for ships sailing around the region and whilst the beach is one of the major draws, it is far form the only reason why you might want to book a cruise that visits the resort.

If you do want to just lie back in the sun however then you don’t have to travel far form the pier where you’ll head ashore, with the white sands and clear blue waters of Playa Juanillo being one of the options you might want to consider.

As primarily a beach destination, there are plenty of water-based activities that are available, with diving in particular being popular.

That’s thanks in no small part to the rich marine life that is found in the clear blue waters, with a huge array of species that includes countless kinds of fish, various turtles and – if you’re lucky – West Indian manatees.

If full-scale diving isn’t your thing then don’t worry either, as you could simply snorkel around some of the reefs that are found in shallower waters. You could also take a trip out to try and spot dolphins, or pay a visit to one of the small islands off the coast if you really want to head off the beaten track.

Saona is one such option where there is little do aside from sit back and relax in stunning surroundings that have often been used by film-makers looking to depict a deserted island.

Back on the mainland, Hoyo Azul is well worth a visit to check out the impressive ‘blue hole’, a natural pool located in the midst of luscious rainforest where you can also explore at leisure.

Further afield, you could head as far as the capital Santo Domingo – if you aren’t visiting already – or take a hike up Montaña Redonda where you will be rewarded with some of the most stunning views imaginable across the island.

With plenty of chances to sample local cuisine and to check out the local shopping scene, Punta Cana is a Caribbean resort that is well worth a visit.

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