Quebec City Cruises

If you find yourself heading for Canadian soil on a journey up the East coast of the US, then the city of Quebec is one that is certainly well worth a visit.

Surrounded by some of Canada’s most scenic landscapes, Quebec City provides the opportunity to sample a little flavour of Europe during your time at sea.

There is certainly no shortage of history and culture to be found from the moment you ahead ashore, with Quebec being home to the only walled city in North America.

The World Heritage site of Old Quebec is home to a number of impressive buildings split between the Upper and Lower Town.

These include the historic Château Frontenac hotel and the Quebec City Hall amongst a wide range of 19th century structures, with the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires amongst the even older buildings to be found if you take the funicular ride from the Upper Town to the Lower Town.

The Citadelle of Quebec, the official residence of the Governor General and one of Canada’s national historic monuments, is also to be found within the Old Quebec part of the city.

You’ll find plenty of bars, coffee shops and shops lining the streets as you stroll through the Old Town, with Rue Saint-Jean and Rue Saint-Paul being two of the main places to try out.

Should you decide to head outside the city, then the Montmorency Falls easily accessible and provide chance for you to marvel at the powerful sight of the water cascading down to the St Lawrence River below.

There is also a number of small towns and villages littering the countryside where you can sample local produce from the well known Quebec Flavour Trail.

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