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Recife is one of the largest cities in Brazil and also one of the most popular coastal destinations for anyone who is travelling around South America on a cruise holiday.

Like many Brazilian cities, Recife has Portuguese roots dating back to its formation in 1500s and whilst there is plenty of history that you can explore whilst ashore, there is also make the most of time embracing a modern day destination that is as vibrant and colourful as anywhere else in the country.

The impact that Europeans had on the city across the ages can be seen in a number of buildings that showcase architecture more commonly seen in the likes of Portugal and the Netherlands, with the historical centre of the resort – known as Recife Antigo – being well worth a visit.

The Malakoff Tower and Marco Zero Square are amongst the things you might choose to explore whilst in the city, with a range of museums and galleries that are also worth visiting.

As with many of Brazil’s coastal cities, Recife is surrounded by a number of beaches where you can simply spend some time relaxing in the sun, with Boa Viagem being particular popular.

One of the longest stretches of urban beach, a coastal reef helps to keep waters calm and warm for those who want to take a dip, whilst nearby there are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can grab refreshments.

There is also no shortage of shops, many of which are located in one of Brazil’s largest shopping centres. The Shopping Centre Recife is also home to a selection of different leisure facilities as well as numerous restaurants.

Near to the city, you’ll find the cobbled steets of historical Olinda, which is well worth a visit if time allows. The downtown area has been granted World Heritage Site status thanks to the rich architecture found in buildings like the Convent de São Francisco and Saint Benedict Church.

Olinda is also home to one of the most popular carnivals in the region – which attracts visitors from far afield. Should the carnival be on when you find yourself docked in Recife, then you’ll certainly want to check it out.

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