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If you are considering taking a trip to Brazil, then there is a good chance that the city of Rio de Janeiro is one that will feature highly on your ‘to do’ list – and with good reason.

The city has long been popular with overseas visitors to Brazilian soil, and those heading ashore on a cruise holiday are sure to face a quandary over what to do during their time on land.

Quite simply, there is so much to see and do in Brazil’s second largest city that you’re near certain to struggle to make a decision over what to do, and what will need to wait for the next time you visit.

And when you’ve been to Rio once, there is a good chance you’ll want to return…

There really is nowhere to match Rio de Janeiro, with the vast city featuring everything from bustling streets packed with bars and shops to huge urban parks, and from towering mountain peaks to long stretches of beach that are known across the world.

It’s hard to decide where to start with a destination like Rio, but many people will elect to head outside the heart of the city when they arrive to visit arguably the most famous landmark.

The Christ the Redeemer statue looks out across Rio from the summit of Corcovado Mountain in the Tijuca Forest national park, and is famous throughout the world. Dating back to the 1930s, the statue is well worth a visit and can be accessed by road or rail, with astonishing views across the city being available from the summit.

Similar impressive views are also available from Sugarloaf Mountain, which sits at the mouth of Guanabara Bay and is accessible via cable car. It’s another a good place to look back across the city, including the beaches that line the coast.

Without doubt, the most famous of those beaches is the Copacabana, which runs for 4km and is a real ‘go to’ destination within the city. It’s a great place to embrace Rio’s carnival atmosphere and is home to numerous events every year.

Within Rio, there are a number of historic buildings that are worth a visit, which include the Municapal Theatre, the National Library and the Candelária Church to name just three.

Rio also acts as the gateway to a number of nearby attractions like historic Petrópolis, known as the Imperial City and the resting place of the last Emperor of Brazil.

When you add into the mix the many shopping and dining opportunities that exist across the city – it isn’t hard to see why you’ll want to ensure that Rio is part of your Brazilian cruise adventure.

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