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Amsterdam might be the first port of call that springs to mind when thinking about a cruise to the Netherlands, but Rotterdam – the second largest city in the country – is also popular when it comes to trips around Northern Europe.

Although the city dates back to the 1200s, Rotterdam sustained heavy damage during World War II that meant extensive rebuilding was required, with the modern version of the city emerging from the rubble in the following years.

Given that Rotterdam is the largest port in the Netherlands, the city has a key part to play when it comes to Dutch industry and business but is also popular with tourists – even though it’s a vastly difference experience to the historical charm that you can expect to enjoy in the likes of Amsterdam.

With many of the older buildings in the city having been damaged during the war, it is modern day architecture that is the major draw, with structures like the Cube Houses and the Euromast Tower being known around the world.

One of the newest and most impressive buildings is the Markthal, a huge office and residential building with a market underneath that opened back in 2014. The inside of the structure is decorated with a huge artwork that is something of an attraction in its own right.

That’s not to say that you can't explore history whilst you are in the city, with the statue of Erasmus that dates back to the 1620s and St Lawrence Church being two structures to have survived the War – although the latter required extensive restoration work after being heavily damaged.

There is also no shortage of museums that cover a varied range of topics, whilst Rotterdam is also a great place for shopping – with the area around Kruiskade being packed with a host of designer names for those in search of a bargain.

Depending on what time of year your cruise visits, you might be able to catch one of the various festivals tat take place in Rotterdam every year – which include a hugely popular Summer Carnival.

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