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The capital of the state of Bahia, Salvador is one of the top six largest cities in Brazil and one of the oldest colonial cities to be found across South America.

Founded by the Portuguese, Salvador dates back to 1549, and has been given a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list thanks to the impressive architecture that it is home to.

In fact, it is Salvador’s architecture that is one of its main draws of the city, with more than 100 historical churches that are waiting to be explored.

Of particular interest is the Pelourinho district, which serves as a reminder of Salvador’s colonial past.

Here, you can take a stroll through the cobbled streets and marvel at the colourful buildings that surround you at every turn, which include various chic boutiques, museums and galleries.

Included within the district are a number of important buildings, which include the Archbishop’s Palace, the Old Customs House and the imposing cathedral.

You’ll also find the Mercado Modelo, which is one of the largest handicraft markets in South America and is located near to the Lacerda Elevator.

As well as being the ideal way to get from the upper part of the city to the lower part, the elevator – which dates back to 1880s, provides an alternative view of the city that is well worth checking out.

You won’t be shocked to read that one of the best times to visit Salvador is when the local carnival is on – with the party atmosphere only serving to enhance your experience.

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