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The port of Ushuaia sits off the coast of Argentina on the small island of Tierra del Fuego, and is widely regarded to be one of the southern-most cities in the world.

Founded in the 1880s, Ushuaia was once home to a large penal colony that was used to house repeat offenders and serious criminals – similar to the prisons that had been built on both Tasmania and Devil’s Island by the British and the French.

Closed in the late 1940s, the prison was later converted into a museum that has become one of the top attractions on the ‘Land of Fire’ – the literal translation of the Spanish name given to an island that is rich in scenic beauty.

Visit the museum and you’ll not only have chance to explore the old buildings, but also to discover more about the maritime heritage of the island from the moment the first explorers arrive.

Head out from Ushuaia into the Tierra del Fuego National Park and you’ll be able to see everything from rugged peaks and pristine lakes, to ancient woodlands and forest and the glacial areas that lie on the edges of the Beagle Channel – where you stand a chance of seeing some of the native wildlife.

Within the park, there are various walking trails where you head out to explore on foot, whilst you could also try your hand at a number of outdoor activities, which include trips out onto the water on a zodiac boat.

Reaching the National Park is something of an experience in itself, with a trip on the ‘End of the World Train’ being the perfect way in which to see the stunning landscapes.

The steam railway was originally built to serve the prison, with inmates being called upon to do much of the work. Closed in the early 1950s, the line was then brought back into use in the 1990s as a tourist railway.

Whilst ashore in Ushuaia, you’ll be able to enjoy tax-free shopping within the city, with a number of restaurants that give the chance to sample the local cuisine. Whilst beef is the main dish you are likely to encounter on the mainland, lamb and king crab are the island specialities.

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