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The island of Curaçao is a constituent country of the Netherlands and despite its small size, is popular with people heading for the Caribbean on a cruise adventure.

In fact, Curaçao has been rated as one of the best cruise destinations in the south Caribbean, with hundreds of thousands of people heading ashore every year to see what the island has to offer.

Ships heading for Curaçao dock in the capital city Willemstad – a colourful destination that blends Caribbean culture with architecture that could have been lifted straight from the Netherlands.

The heart of the city, as well as the harbour area, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site thanks in no small part to that architecture.

That includes Fort Amsterdam, which dates back to 1634 and is now the seat of the governor. Within the fort, you’ll find a church that still has a cannonball – which hit it in 1804 – embedded in the wall.

As with other islands across the Caribbean, Curaçao is home to a number of stunning beaches, off which you can head into clear blue waters for a relaxing dip.

You might also enjoy the opportunity to do some diving, particularly around Caracas Bay where the wreck of a sunken tugboat is a haven for marine life.

Head inland from the capital and you can explore stunning landscapes on a visit to one of the island’s national parks, whilst the Hato Caves – which are open daily to the public – are well worth checking out.

Elsewhere, you’ll find plenty of places where you can grab a bit to eat with some traditional Caribbean cuisine or you might decide to visit a bar to enjoy some Curaçao liqueur.

When it comes to retail therapy, hitting the local markets is a great way in which to pick up a bargain with home-made ceramics being particularly popular.

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