Panama Canal Cruises

There are all manner of unique experiences that you can enjoy whilst on a cruise holiday, and a trip along the Panama Canal is one of those things.

Linking the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, the Panama Canal is widely regarded as one of the greatest engineering projects ever carried out, having been man made in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Initially that was to improve trade links, with ships able to take a short cut through the canal instead of tackling the longer and more treacherous route around Cape Horn.

However, over time, the Panama Canal has become ever more popular with leisure vessels who now regularly make the roughly 50 mile trip along the route.

There are various cruise lines who offer trips that include a journey through the Panama Canal, usually alongside time sailing in the waters around either North or South America - or sometimes before heading off into the Caribbean.

A cruise along the Panama Canal provides the chance to take in stunning scenery throughout the Panamanian landscape, whilst invariably there will be chance to learn more about the country and the canal itself with onboard talks and presentations.

As well as enjoying your time cruising along the canal itself, you can take in the beauty of Gatun Lake and marvel at the engineering that went into the network of locks that allow huge ships to make their way through the canal - with the main locks lifting vessels 85 feet so they can make the trip.

Aside from the time you spend cruising along the canal, you could also explore the delights of historic Panama Viejo, take a ride on the historic Panama Canal Railway or take a ride through the trees on the aerial tram within the Soberania National Park.

Should the chance to cruise the Panama Canal come along, it's certainly worth taking…

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