Australasia Cruises

The waters around Australia have been explored by some of the most famous adventurers that the world has ever know and remain a popular choice for those who want to enjoy a voyage of discovery of their own.

Exploring the coast around Australia and New Zealand provides the chance to marvel at the scenic beauty of some of the most impressive landscapes in the world.

It also allows those on a once-in-a-lifetime cruise break to marvel at the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef, with the chance to go diving surrounded by marine life as you explore the longest barrier reef in the world.

Sitting alongside that on the Queensland coast are a number of stunningly beautiful islands, which are also ideal for those who want to explore off the beaten track.

It’s a similar story when it comes to scenic beauty on New Zealand soil, with the Fiordland region on the South Island mixing towering mountains and huge glaciers with crystal clear waters that you can visit on a cruise in from the coast.

A cruise around the waters of Australasia isn’t all about the scenic delights however, with the chance to visit bustling and busy cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland where you will be left spoiled for choice when it comes to what to do with your time ashore.

If you are looking for an unforgettable cruise experience, then Australasia could be just for you.

Destination Highlights

Australasia Cruises Highlights


The capital of South Australia, Adelaide is one of the most popular destinations for those on a cruise around the country – particularly if you have an interest in exploring colonial history. That’...

About Adelaide


Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and is one of the best places to visit on a cruise around the waters of Australasia. The former capital acts as the gateway to the North Island and offer...

About Auckland

Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is located at the top of the North Island of New Zealand and is one of the most popular tourist areas in the country. It’s one that is well visited by the major cruise lines, who...

About Bay of Islands


Brisbane is one of the largest cities in Australia and a popular port of call for any cruises that are heading along the famous Queensland coast. The cosmopolitan city is packed with plenty of thin...

About Brisbane


Cairns is positioned towards the north of Queensland and is one of the premier destinations to visit in all of Australia. That’s largely because the city acts the gateway the Great Barrier Reef, wh...

About Cairns


Christchurch is the largest city on New Zealand’s South Island and is well worth a visit if your cruise around Australasia allows. The city has more than a hint of England about it, having been cre...

About Christchurch


Situated on the northern coast of Australia, Darwin – named after the famous naturalist – has developed from a small coastal outpost to become one of the key trading ports in country. The capital o...

About Darwin


Dunedin sits towards the southern end of New Zealand’s South Island and is accessed by the Port Chalmers, around eight miles away from the city centre. The city has proud links to Scotland, with th...

About Dunedin


Tasmania is often called the greenest corner of Australia so it comes as little surprise that the state is a popular choice when it comes to a cruise in the waters around the coast. Split from the...

About Hobart


Melbourne is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Australian soil, including those who are travelling around the coast on a dream cruise adventure. The sprawling city is home a rang...

About Melbourne


There are plenty of remote destinations in Australia and Perth, sitting on the coast of Western Australia, is one such place. The vibrant and colourful city is packed with culture and charm and can...

About Perth

Port Arthur

If your cruise around Australia includes a trip to Tasmania, then there is one place above all others that you try and make sure you visit. Whilst the state capital Hobart has plenty of attractions...

About Port Arthur


As one of the most iconic cities in Australia, it comes as little surprise that Sydney is also one of the most popular with people who are visiting the country as part of their cruise holiday. With...

About Sydney


Wellington is located at the southern tip of the North Island of New Zealand and is one of the main ports of call for visitors heading for the country on a cruise holiday. With the main cruise line...

About Wellington

Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands lie off the coast of Queensland and are one of the most stunningly beautiful areas of Australia – so it’s no surprise to see that many of the major cruise lines operate trips th...

About Whitsunday Islands

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