Mediterranean Cruises

An ever-increasing number of people are electing to ditch their traditional summer holiday in the Mediterranean in favour of a cruise around the region – and it isn’t hard to see why.

The waters around the Mediterranean offer the kind of variety you will struggle to find anywhere else, with stunning scenery, glamorous beach resorts and a mixture of culture-filled and entertainment-packed cities awaiting when you head ashore.

One day you could find yourself exploring the stunning coastline of the Côte d'Azur, visiting the playground of the rich and famous in Monte Carlo or marveling at the work of Gaudi in Barcelona.

The next, you could be joining the crowds paying a visit to the many historical sites across Rome, taking in the scenic views of a Greek Island or discovering some of the cultural sights that have helped to make Croatia one of Europe’s must see destinations.

Given how easily accessible the Mediterranean is from the UK, it’s a popular destination for those who are planning to holiday at sea with the children in tow.

There are plenty of family friendly options as a result when it comes to choosing your ship, with big ships that feature entertainment options aplenty down to smaller, five star vessels that offer all inclusive luxury for couples wanting to make their trip that little bit special.

A cruise to the Mediterranean is good for those who prefer not to fly, with trips available that sail from UK shores.

If you do require a flight in order to join your ship however, you’ll only be airbourne for a matter of hours before your cruise adventure gets underway in earnest.

Destination Highlights

Mediterranean Cruises Highlights


A cruise around the Mediterranean isn’t all visiting European destinations, with a number of cruise lines operating trips that also visit the Northern coast of Africa. One of the top ports on Afric...

About Agadir


Ajaccio is the biggest town to be found on the island of Corsica, and is a popular port for a number of the ships that are sailing in the waters of the Mediterranean. Situated off the southern coas...

About Ajaccio


The resort of Antalya is one of the premier destinations for people looking to enjoy a beach break on Turkish soil, and is also a popular stopping point for cruise ships sailing around the Mediterrane...

About Antalya


Athens is one of the most fascinating cities you could wish to visit on a Mediterranean cruise and one that is well visited by the major cruise lines who sail through the region. The Greek capital...

About Athens


Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to a cruise around the Mediterranean, with almost all of the major cruise lines operating trips that visit the Spanish city. The capi...

About Barcelona


The Côte d’Azur in the south of France is one of the most visited destinations in the Mediterranean, and one that is famous across the world. It’s a popular port of call for people on a cruise holi...

About Cannes


Corfu is the second largest of Greece’s Ionian Islands and has long been a popular destination for overseas visitors. Known in some quarters as the Emerald Isle because of the many cypress trees an...

About Corfu


The city of Dubrovnik is becoming increasingly popular for people seeking an alternative city break to the norm, and is also welcoming more and more people who are arriving by sea. Having undergone...

About Dubrovnik


It can be nice to sample a little bit of home during a holiday overseas, and that’s certainly something you’ll find if your Mediterranean cruise docks in Gibraltar. A large number of ships dock in...

About Gibraltar


Istanbul sits on the fringes of the Mediterranean and is a great place to visit during a cruise holiday. Turkey’s largest city provides the chance to sample two continents in one go, with the Bosph...

About Istanbul


The ancient seaside resort of Larnaca is regarded as one of the oldest cities in the world and a good place to visit if you want to embrace Cypriot history during your cruise around the Mediterranean....

About Larnaca


The most western capital city in continental Europe, Lisbon features on the itinerary of a number of Mediterranean cruises; particularly those that depart from the UK. Lisbon, which is one of Europ...

About Lisbon


The southern coast of France has long been a popular destination for people enjoying a cruise around the Mediterranean, and the port of Marseille is one that is well visited by the major cruise lines....

About Marseille


Monaco is a destination that is all about glitz and glamour so if you fancy following in the footsteps of the rich and famous, then this is a good place to start… Located on the French Riviera, Mon...

About Monaco


There are a number of ports you can visit on the French Riviera during a cruise around the Mediterranean, with Nice being one of the most popular. Widely regarded as the crown jewel of the Cote d’A...

About Nice


The Greek island of Rhodes is one of many that it is possible to visit during a cruise around the Mediterranean, and it’s one that is sure to be a highlight of a trip around the region. Packed with...

About Rhodes


Rome is one of the top city destinations anywhere in Europe, and a popular port of call for the many ships cruising around the Mediterranean. Accessed from nearby Civitavecchia, the Italian capital...

About Rome


The Greek island of Santorini has long been a popular destination for people looking to enjoy the Mediterranean sun, and the unique landscapes are also well visited by the major cruise lines operating...

About Santorini


Seville is one of the largest cities in Spain and one that is popular with people enjoying a cruise around the Mediterranean. Known for its historic treasures, Seville is a city that is packed with...

About Seville


One of the largest cities in Spain, Valencia is a popular port of call for anyone heading on a cruise around the Mediterranean. Should you book onto one of the many trips that dock in the city, you...

About Valencia


If you are looking for a city that is packed with charm, history, culture and romance then Venice will probably feature pretty high on the list. It’s certainly a city that is popular with people wh...

About Venice

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