South America Cruises

There isn’t a bad part of the world in which to enjoy a cruise holiday, but there are certainly some that hold more appeal – and South America is one such region.

The continent is one that is rich in heritage and culture and a South American cruise is the ideal way in which to explore the enthralling mix of ancient civilisations, colonial history and tropical landscapes that sit alongside some of the world’s busiest cities.

Whether you elect to book a cruise that is travelling south towards Peru or Chile from North America, or is following the old trading route around Cape Horn, a trip around South America is one that is will be memorable for all manner of reasons.

Dramatic coastlines and stunning beaches are a feature at every turn, with scenic highlights including the picturesque Chilean Fjords, the vast rainforests of the Amazon, the towering Angel Falls and the astonishingly beautiful Galapagos Islands.

Away from the natural delights, a South American cruise provides the chance to sample the party atmosphere of Rio de Janiero, the rich culture of Buenos Aires and Santiago and the vibrant and colourful surroundings of Cartagena.

Add into the mix world famous attractions such as Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza and the statue of Christ The Redeemer and it isn’t hard to see why a South American cruise is one that is sure to live long in the memory.

The only thing you need to decide is where you want to visit from the many options that are available – and that is certainly not an easy decision to make…

When it comes to taking a cruise around South America, the main season runs from October through to April. Head further south and you can expect temperatures to be cooler than towards to the north, whilst trips around the Amazon region tend to be quite hot and humid.

Destination Highlights

South America Cruises Highlights


Arica is the northern-most city in Chile and is located less than 15 miles away from the border with Peru. It was the site of an important victory for the Chilean people over the Peruvians that res...

About Arica


One of the main reasons why a cruise is such a good way to see Brazil is that there is the opportunity to travel along the coastline before heading inland along the famous Amazon River to explore life...

About Belem

Buenos Aires

As well as being the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is one of the most visited cities in South America and a large number of those visitors arrive on the many cruise ships that visit every year....

About Buenos Aires


Búzios is located near to Rio de Janiero and rose to prominence in the 1960s when the actress Brigitte Bardot was photographed enjoying a summer break on one of the many beaches that surround the reso...

About Buzios


Cartagena is arguably one of the most impressive colonial cities to be found anywhere in South America and is the main port of call for those who find themselves on a trip that visits Colombia. Dat...

About Cartagena


Coquimbo is located in the Elqui province and sits between the Atacama Desert and the central valley – an area that is rich in agriculture and plays a role in the export of fruit. That’s in stark c...

About Coquimbo

Easter Island

Whilst it is located thousands of miles away from mainland Chile, Easter Island remains one of the top destinations for a cruise around South America. That’s because the island is home to a huge co...

About Easter Island

Galapagos Islands

If you want to enjoy a truly unique cruise experience then a trip to the Galápagos Islands is one that is sure to live long in the memory and provides a fascinating alternative to a regular cruise aro...

About Galapagos Islands

Ilha Grande

A cruise around Brazil needn’t focus solely on the mainland, and Ilha Grande is a prime example of the reasons why. Once an island you’d want to avoid - as home to a leper colony and then an infamo...

About Ilha Grande


Accessed via the port of Callao a short trip away, the Peruvian capital Lima is a destination that is well worth visiting during a cruise around South America. The vibrant and colourful city is one...

About Lima


Manaus is the capital of the Amazonas state and you’re unlikely to find many places that are further from the coast when it comes to a cruise at sea. In fact, Manaus sits around 1,000 miles away fr...

About Manaus


The largest city in Uruguay, the capital Montevideo is also the major port of call for those who are visiting the country during a South American cruise adventure. As is the case with many of the l...

About Montevideo


Natal is located to the north-east of Brazil and is one of the most historical ports of call that can be visited when enjoying a cruise around South America. Another city founded by the Portuguese...

About Natal


Pisco is located around 150 miles south of Lima and is another popular port of call on a cruise in the waters around Peru. Accessed via the port of San Martin, the quiet colonial town is the place...

About Pisco

Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt is the gateway to the impressive Chilean Lake District and as a result, has become a popular stopping point for cruise-goers who are exploring the waters around South America. Formed i...

About Puerto Montt

Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas is a top port of call for anyone visiting Chile as they cruise in the waters around South America. Situated between the Atlantic and the Pacific towards the southern tip of the country...

About Punta Arenas

Punta del Este

Nestled on the coast around 100 miles away from Montevideo sits the resort of Punta Del Este, which is one of the top seaside resorts anywhere in South America. Something of a playground for the ri...

About Punta del Este


Recife is one of the largest cities in Brazil and also one of the most popular coastal destinations for anyone who is travelling around South America on a cruise holiday. Like many Brazilian cities...

About Recife

Rio de Janeiro

If you are considering taking a trip to Brazil, then there is a good chance that the city of Rio de Janeiro is one that will feature highly on your ‘to do’ list – and with good reason. The city has...

About Rio de Janeiro


The capital of the state of Bahia, Salvador is one of the top six largest cities in Brazil and one of the oldest colonial cities to be found across South America. Founded by the Portuguese, Salvado...

About Salvador

Santa Marta

Santa Marta is located in northern Colombia and is one of the oldest permanent settlements that was created by Europeans who landed in Latin America. In fact, it was the first Spanish settlement on...

About Santa Marta


Santiago is the capital city of Chile and is located in the shadow of the Andres Mountains inland from the coast. Despite that, the city is popular with those who are cruising around the South Amer...

About Santiago


Home to one of the largest ports in South America, Santos is a popular destination for the major cruise lines that sail the waters around – largely because the city acts as the gateway to São Paulo....

About Santos


The port of Ushuaia sits off the coast of Argentina on the small island of Tierra del Fuego, and is widely regarded to be one of the southern-most cities in the world. Founded in the 1880s, Ushuaia...

About Ushuaia


Valparaiso is one of the main cruise ports in Chile, down in no small part to the fact that is one of the main gateways to the busy capital city of Santiago. However, there are plenty of reasons wh...

About Valparaiso

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